Monday, March 19, 2007

Median Household Income

I have made progress and am now generating maps at the County level with data. I'm not happy with the color schemes yet, so I will be pushing on this before I share the KMZ file. The orientation of the screenshot below is looking Northeast over New England at an altitude of 900 KM. The data is Median Household Income by County from the 2000 Census (Summary File 3). The brighter & lighter a color the higher the income. The heights of each County represent one meter for every dollar of median household income. If anyone knows of any good resources for color pallets, please drop me a line in the comments!


Alden said...

I almost wonder if this particular map might be better in gray scale given the color palette issue. The range of colors made it very hard for me to determine whether bright pink was higher or lower than the light green. - Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! I believe this data when broken out to the "census block" level would be a powerful visual. I can hardly wait!

Thanks again for your dedication to this concept.

Patrick said...


I am currently trying to do some research and a KMZ file for Median Household Income would be a big help. Could you send it to me? I would be very grateful. You can email me at merchantprince at mac dot com.



Anonymous said...

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dissidentDork said...

This looks very interesting. I am currently researching a paper for sociography paper. This plugin will be a big help. Is it possible that I can have that KMZ file? Please email me at anthony dot abraira at gmail dot com