Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congressional District maps for every state!

It has been almost six weeks since I've had something substantive to add. I wanted to share the complete outputs from the campaign contribution work I spoke about earlier. Please read that post for a full explanation of what the data is and how I put the files together.

The following two ZIP files contain a KMZ for every single state. I used the TimeSpan element, all of the states can be loaded at once.

Without further ado:

If you have any problems with these files, please let me know.

I hope to be back up and running soon, so please stay tuned.


Chad Lupkes said...

I'm also using Google Earth for campaigns, and I'm just getting started collecting information. You can see some of the results here.

I'm getting down to the precinct and county council district level. I haven't started putting data in yet because it's not database fed and all these maps are colored manually. Eventually I want to get things fed from a database.

karen said...

hello aiden...

these kml files are fantastic... thanks so much for all the work you put into these... I am using google earth for some voter mapping, and noticed there are congressional and senate district layers... any idea where i could get this data for the precinct level? karen at

aidan said...

Hi Karen,

That is a tough question - I think precincts are a state by state designation, so I don't know of an authoritative source. I am interested in the same thing, so please let me know if you find them. I will also keep my eye out.


Tom said...

The KML links seem to be dead -- any chance of resurrecting them?